“I can use this with my students and my daughter.”

“Life changing!”

“I genuinely believe that the information provided today will change the rest of my life.” Lyndsey Thomas

“Thank you so much for taking time to give us this workshop…I am so incredibly grateful. Going through a divorce right now and this information has not only helped me understand some things but I have gotten clarification on so much, thank you”

“That it is very beneficial for families and for individuals to be able to break through barriers and identify core problems and issues.” Kristen Alexander

“It touches all areas and all people. Love the format, the authenticity, the knowledge, the experience!” Laurel Ann McLogan

“I am excited about using the wheel and seeing what unfolds.”

“It is beneficial information, even if you aren’t in a serious relationship or married yet.”

“It was very helpful, led me to realize I needed to slow down my pace in life and pay attention to my families’ emotional needs.”

“This is great information that applies to all types of relationships.”

“I saw how the workshop in the first five minutes broke the dams and the river started flowing” Joanna Mack