"We’ve been learning and experiencing the benefits of implementing the Connection Codes for over a year now."

"After multiple affairs, my husband and I had separated, and I was certain the relationship was over. I had the divorce papers with me when my husband told me he had met with a marriage therapist and asked if I would meet at least once. I agreed and was shocked how much Dr. Glenn's method resonated with both of us. We both spent most of our 1st session in tears. A little over a year later, I am mesmerized by our relationship and what we share together."

“Dr. Hill and his beautiful wife are so transparent and say things in a way that you can apply to your family. We are forever changed and bless for attending.” Dr. Susanne Young

“Every single person can benefit from this, no matter where they are in life.”

“It was absolutely amazing!!! It will blow your mind. It’s very good stuff and very useful.” Tanya Pryor

“That is a substantial tool to recognize emotions and convey them to others.” Michelle

“It will cause you to reexamine nearly every aspect of your life. The slow way is a fast way. It will rock you to the core.” David Steele

“The conference will push you to engage with your spouse and his faults, but also your own.”

“The tools you gain in this workshop will serve you in your marriage, parenting and in all your relationships for the rest of your life. They are so simple, but not intuitive. They work, and make life so much more fun! Why settle for good enough when exceeding joy is possible.” Heather Miller

“Connection Codes is a beneficial resource no matter the current state of your relationship. You can get help with a difficult season or hone skills during the good season.” Brittany Edmond

“My mind is spinning with how I change, how I respond to my marriage, my children, my relatives and my friends.”

“Don’t live without knowing the codes” Mark Miller

“So good, an excellent workshop for all ages at any point in your marriage.” Wayne Baird

“Great tool to help with difficult relationships.”

“Very practical and applicable to all relationships. Especially great for marriages and families. All the information present was pertinent and helpful; even for those who aren’t dealing with a crisis. Great for all relationships! Presented in an entertaining way, it never got boring.” 

“It does not matter where you are in your marriage, this workshop will strengthen your relationship if you let it!” Stephanie Baird

 “Great information about relationships and how to make them healthier and stronger.”

“This isn’t just for troubled relationships. Great information to use at work, home, school any family gatherings.”

“It is great for newlyweds! We have been married 10 months and have had a difficult marriage so far, and I wish we would have done this workshop sooner! I’d recommend this to any newlyweds or as a pre-marital workshop too!” Mrs. Kaneski